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• Black and White / Grayscale • Effective resolution 300 DPI or better • Please include all fonts and images if submitting a psd or indesign file • ACCEPTED FILE FORMATS: TIFF, EPS, JPG, PDF

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For more sponsorship information and availability, please contact Anna Kim at (212) 343-9300 Ext. 110 or email air jordan 8 original colors for a 67
. Our sponsors will be recognized at the event and in the journal. Please help us to make this year very special!

Please help us to make this year very special!

SUNSET COCKTAIL RECEPTION Sponsor also receives logo printed on napkins and recognition on signage.(4) Sponsorships at $5,000.00 eachOR$20,000.00 single Sponsorship


AFTERGLOW PARTY Sponsor also receives logo printed on napkins and recognition on signage.(3) Sponsorships at $6,000.00 eachOR$18,000.00 single sponsorship


VIP TABLE Table for Student design competition winners, emerging professionals, and special guests of the Lumen$5,600.00 single sponsorship


RED CARPET ENTRY $4,000.00 single sponsorship


PHOTO KIOSK $4,000.00 single sponsorship


FLOWERS (2) Sponsorships at $4,800.00 eachOR$9,600.00 single Sponsorship


DECORATIONS $3,500.00 for single sponsorship


ENTERTAINMENT / SPECIAL EFFECTS (2) Sponsorships at $4,800.00 eachOR$9,600.00 single Sponsorship


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The Lumen Awards were established in 1968 by the New York City Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IESNYC) and developed to publicly recognize excellence, professionalism, ingenuity and originality in lighting design with the following distinct award categories: Lumen Award of Excellence Highest level of achievement for a permanent architectural application Lumen Award of Merit Meritorious achievement for permanent architectural application Lumen Citation Special recognition for a permanent or temporary lighting installation, technical detail, portion of a single project, or other work

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revealing the 7 best iPhone photography apps that you should start using straight away. nike shoes roshe run snakeskin handbags

When you’re using an app to create a symmetrical image, there are a few things to look out for which may cause problems in the final image.

If clouds in the sky aren’t horizontal, they’ll make unnatural shapes when they meet in the middle. The same thing happens with waves in water, rocks, trees and just about anyother objectsyou can think of.

Here’s an example of problem areas to look out for when using apps like Sparkmode to create your symmetrical images. The angled clouds coming together look unnatural and the rocks being squished together make some weird shapes.

This is an example of finding the right point to mirror the image in the Sparkmode app. If I were to slide the original image to the left or right a little bit, the tree at the top of the island would have two tops and look unnatural. I had to find the sweet spot where it looked like a normal tree.

Another issues that may arise when creating a symmetrical image in an app is problems with shadows. The shadows in the image above are not all falling in the same direction which doesn’t make sense to our eye.

When creating symmetrical images using apps, be mindful of everything around your lines of symmetry and watch out for unnatural or strange shapes being caused by the mirrored objects.

One final point… Try not to get stuck only seeing the world in symmetry or you’ll miss out on other photo opportunities.

After you take a photo with your symmetrical composition, be sure to move around and take a few asymmetrical shots as well. This will add variety to your photos and show your subject or scene from different viewpoints.

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The Flyway Open-Source Maven plugin supports Maven 3.x running on Java 8 or Java 9 . The Flyway Enterprise Maven plugin also supports Java 6 and Java 7 .

Maven 3.x Java 8 Java 9 Java 6 Java 7 .enterprise

The Flyway Maven plugin can be configured in a wide variety of following ways, which can all be combined at will.

The easiest way is to simply use the plugin’s configuration section in your pom.xml :

Limitation: not possible to configure empty values

To make it easy to work with Maven profiles and to logically group configuration, the Flyway Maven plugin also supports Maven properties:

For storing the database user and password, Maven settings.xml files can also be used:</p>

Both regular and encrypted settings files are supported.

To make it ease to work with cloud and containerized environments, Flyway also supports configuration via nike air jordan 1 mid black/blackwhitegym red sox
. Check out the black and pink ladies nike air max trainers black
for details.

Configuration can also be supplied directly via the command-line using JVM system properties:

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are supported by the Flyway Maven plugin. If you are not familiar with them, check out the
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Flyway will search for and automatically load the <user-home>/flyway.conf config file if present.

It is also possible to point Flyway at one or more additional config files. This is achieved by supplying the System property flyway.configFiles as follows:


To pass in multiple files, separate their names with commas:


Relative paths are relative to the directory containing your pom.xml file.

Alternatively you can also use the FLYWAY_CONFIG_FILES environment variable for this. When set it will take preference over the command-line parameter.


By default Flyway loads configuration files using UTF-8. To use an alternative encoding, pass the system property flyway.configFileEncoding as follows:

A nice little idempotent function -- calling it two, three, n times has exactly the same result as calling it once.

The place you see the other characterization of idempotence all the time is in C++ header files. Include a needed header zero times and you'll get "not defined" errors. Accidentally include it twice and you'll get "redefinition" errors. It's a major pain to make sure that every header file is included exactly once. Therefore, most headers use some trick to make them idempotent under the inclusion operation:


//headers here


or in more modern systems, the #pragma once directive makes headers idempotent under inclusion.

Good stuff… I approve.

Funny stuff. After doing some DBA style work a few months ago, I wrote a little on idempotence myself. I like the technique a great deal.

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Just to be annoyingly picky, "subtraction" is a function that takes two values, so I’m not sure what it means to say that no value is idempotent under subtraction. Unless the function is x -= 1, I suppose

Stuart Langridge wrote: Just to be annoyingly picky, "subtraction" is a function that takes two values, so I’m not sure what it means to say that no value is idempotent under subtraction. Unless the function is x -= 1, I suppose

I am one of those programmers with a mathematical background Eric is talking about, so I can be really picky, if I want to: the function "x -= 1" is idempotent for the value -inf, and probably for some NaNs, too.

I indended to say "subtracting a non-zero value" — I’ve fixed the text.

I’m no a C programmer, but it looks like GetTypeLibCreator is not an idempotent function, because its input and output types are not the same, i.e. you cannot do GetTypeLibCreator(GetTypeLibCreator(x))

More importantly, wouldn’t it be considered non-idempotent because of the AddRef call which changes the reference count on the returned object. Calling this function twice would not result in the same system state as calling it once…

If a function is idempotent, does that mean it’s really a dysfunction?

Oops, missed a couple letters there…

Quote: The operation "subtracting any non-zero value" has no idempotent values

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